05 November 2014

House of #EdTech Podcast Guest

I LOVE podcasts, as I have previously discussed here, and consider them to be one of my favorite forms of entertainment as well as professional development, depending on the specific podcast and/or the content of the show. With that said, I have never been on an actual podcast even though I have always had a secret desire to start one myself (one day, but not yet). I have always wanted to guest on one but had never had the opportunity until recently. I was lucky enough to be a guest on the House Of #EdTech podcast episode 22, hosted by my buddy Chris Nesi of ChrisNesi.com. It was an absolute pleasure to talk to Chris and share some of my background in education and technology.

I would love for you take a few minutes and listen to this episode (as well as recommend the previous 21 episodes!) and then let me know what you think. House of #EdTech is a podcast I have been listening to since it started almost a year ago and feel that it has been a great help in my own teaching. If you don't listen regularly then you need to change that and start today. Chris releases new episodes every other week so you get two new episodes each month and I personally would love to see him have the time to go weekly, but understand the time commitment that would take. Maybe down the road we'll get a weekly show, but until then I LOVE seeing a new episode appear in my podcatcher of choice, InstaCast.

1 comment:

  1. Derek, it was great to have you on the podcast and the #HouseofEdTech is a better place because of your appearance!



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