I wanted to explain the labeling system used here on EdTechBabble. I only plan to use a few basic labels, and here are what they represent.

All things relating to education
  • Teaching
  • Learning

All things relating to technology
  • Application (Apps) Stuff
  • Podcast stuff 

Almost everything else
  • Personal Thoughts
  • Organization 

This is for all things analog and non-digital. I hope to take some time to showcase some of the great tools and things that I either use or would like to use that is not of the digital persuasion.


This is specifically for a review of a product or service. I wanted to pull it out of Technology so it would stand out more.

I am working towards becoming a school administrator and I have written  a number of things that I would like to re-post here for easier sharing and finding later on. I also wanted to have a separate tag for administrative thoughts that was different than just my Education tag so it would stand out a little.

An interview series with educators and non-educators regarding their own experiences with education and how it has affected their careers.

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