27 July 2018

#UTedChat Book List from July 18th - The Power of Reading #Read4Fun

I love Twitter chats and most especially #UTedChat which happens every Wednesday @ 9pm Mountain Time during the school year and occasionally during the summer as well. I was lucky enough to moderate on Wednesday, July 18th on the topic of The Power of Reading, which I admit was a little selfish with my new job as the Library Media Coordinator and Digital Learning Coach at Tonaquint Intermediate School in Washington County School District, more on that change coming up. I have always been a reader and I discovered many of the regular #UTedChat participants are as well as we had an amazing discussion on reading, authors, and books in general. In fact, we had so many excellent books being shared out that I offered to compile them all into a single list to share out, again a bit selfishly since I wanted the list anyways, but it was well worth it. Well, after 3+ hours of combing through the Wakelet archive of the chat and another 5+ hours finding all the links to the books everyone mentioned, I finally finished it and will include it here in this post. I did want to point out a couple of things though:
  1. This list is sorted based on the person who shared the resource.
  2. There are repeats because different people mentioned the same authors and/or books, so I listed them each time they were mentioned by someone different.
  3. All of the people and authors are linked to either their Twitter accounts or web pages.
  4. Many of the books are linked directly to Amazon via an Amazon Affiliate Link which if you purchase directly from that link you will help support this website. If you don't like the idea of using an affiliate link, no worries, just don't purchase directly from the provided link. 
Okay, enough chit-chat, let's get on to the list. I hope you enjoy this little labor of love I compiled from the amazing #UTedChat participants. Thanks so much for sharing your excellent book choices. I am not responsible for y'all spending WAY too much at Amazon purchasing books for the next little bit so consider yourself warned! 😜

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