15 October 2015

UEA 2015 Convention


I am so excited to be a part of the UEA 2015 Convention as a presenter. I will be presenting two different sessions, so if you are in the Northern Utah area, stop by today or tomorrow for some great educational sessions about how to be a better educator with or without technology, although I prefer with whenever possible! If you aren't able to attend this great conference in person, feel free to attend digitally through the hashtag #UEA2015. There will be lots of information to learn, so follow along and join in the learning process. 

I will be presenting the following sessions and would love to see you there!

Thursday, October 15th:

8:00am: Solving the Case of the Mystery Skype Classroom - Room 200 C&D
  • Google Slides (View Only) - http://bit.ly/Mystery-Skype
  • Get ready to load up the Mystery Machine and put on your Sherlock detective hat because it's time to solve the case of the Mystery Skype Classroom! Do you want to find ways to help your students learn more about other states or counties here in Utah? How about connecting with different classrooms across the U.S. or world? How can you do all these things with a shrinking or non-existent field trip budget? Come find out and learn how Mystery Skype can help you make learning fun again! 

10:45am: 6 Technology Tools Every Teacher Should Be Using - Room 200 C&D
  • Slides (pdf) - http://bit.ly/1VTRYrN
  • Handout - http://bit.ly/1Ox6JN9
  • Dropbox Video - http://bit.ly/15CoDmd
  • LastPass Video - http://bit.ly/WKRVOY
  • Whether you are a techie teacher or a techno-novice, there are a number of online tools available to help you increase your productivity and perfect your computer skills. This session will cover five main technology areas: storage solutions, password management, bookmarking, information gathering and information sharing. Each of the five areas include multiple options to help allow for both flexibility of choice and availability of assortment. The different areas contain multiple tools, including; online flash drives, applications to help you remember your different passwords, the ability to save your Internet bookmarks to multiple web browsers and computers, sharing your bookmarks with others, RSS feeds, blogs, wikis, Twitter, and URL shorteners. Each of the areas contain both free and paid versions of tools allowing everyone the opportunity to use the products regardless of funding and finances.

If you do come out, please feel free to come and say Hi! I would love to meet you. Happy learning!

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