17 June 2014

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How to Free Up Space on iOS -->

Bradley Chambers writes:
In 2014, 16 GB is becoming less and less manageable. Apps are getting bigger, we are consuming more media, and we are taking more photos. Time and time again, I've gotten calls and emails asking how to free up space on an iOS device. This is often a complex question. I want to run through some ways that you can deal with this issue if your phone gives you the dreaded out of space alert when you go to take a photo.
This is a great write-up answering a question that I get asked very frequently about how to make room for new photos or apps on your iOS device. Bradley has taken the time to detail 7 different steps you can take to make sure your iOS device has sufficient space to function as you want it to. I was amazed at just how quick and easy it is for your iOS device to bulge up like it's was on a months-long vacation.

I have to say, my favorite part of the entire article is below:
Using the above tips should help tide you over till you upgrade your phone again. Next time, move up to a 32 GB device (I am going with a 64 GB).
While I am currently using a 32 GB model iPhone 5, I think I may have to try to jump to the 64 GB model if I can swing it with the financial department. Until then, I need to go try a few of these ideas to make sure my iPhone stays lean and mean until this Fall and a possible upgrade.

(via Bradley Chambers on ChambersDaily.com)

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