27 November 2015

Giving Thanks for Writing via #EdSurge

My amazing Mom & beautiful daughter on the Dumbo ride at Disneyland January 2014.

I was recently invited by Mary Jo Madda from EdSurge to share some thoughts on who taught me to write in an article posted yesterday as part of their Thanksgiving Day celebrations. I was so happy to write about my amazing Mom Diana because she is the best. She is a former elementary teacher turned entrepreneur who has led a successful business with my father since 1978. I am very grateful for her pushing me to be better in all that I do and for helping me to always reach for my dreams.

I was one of many contributors to the article including some of my EdTech buddies like Rodney Turner, Kayla Delzer, Mary Jo Madda, Jin-Soo Huh, Kyle Pace, and many others! You should definitely go take a look and while there check out a number of the other great EdSurge stories. I love my affiliation with EdSurge and the friendships I have made because of it.

I'll let you head over to EdSurge.com for the full article, but wanted to share it here as well.

Thanks Mom for all the help and support. I Love You!

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