27 April 2018

More Podcast Shout Outs - #PodcastPD #TryPod

Last week I started something I hope to continue as a regular post, some Podcast Shout Outs where I share some of the shows I listen to and specifically point out a few episodes I thought were pretty significant or just plain fun. I'm pulling this idea of having a regular post that's more fun that meaty from Mr. MacSparky himself who for a while was posting some of his favorite Jazz Musicians via YouTube videos on Fridays on his site MacSparky.com, which is a site I'd highly recommend! So here we go!

I'm going to start with one of my all-time favorite podcasts and it's one I've already written about here on ETB previously, The Pen Addict with hosts Myke Hurley, co-founder of the Relay FM podcast network, and the Pen Addict himself, Brad Dowdy. This is one of my favorite podcasts partly because it seems so strange to have a podcast about pens, paper, and other analog things, but also because of the chemistry, these two friends have as co-hosts. If you enjoy writing with specific pens or on specific paper, or if you really love geeking out about your office supplies, or just want to listen to an enjoyable podcast, this is a great place to start. Plus, let's be real, isn't their artwork some of the coolest you've ever seen for a podcast? I've been teased for being such an analog lover, but I stand by my previous post, still the MOST popular post on ETB to date, Analog Love where I mention the need for both the digital AND the analog in order to have balance in life. And really, what educator isn't just a little bit obsessed with a specific pen and/or paper product? I think that's part of what brought most of us to education in the first place. Give The Pen Addict a listen and then be sure to thank me later, because I'm almost positive you'll LOVE it!

For my next suggestion, I'm going to recommend a new favorite I've just recently come across called Switched On Pop, and excellent podcast that breaks down how popular music works and what makes it tick. As a member of the Panoply Podcast Network hosts Nate Sloan and Charlie Harding dig deep into analyzing Pop music to see why we should consider it a work of art and what is actually going on amidst all the rhythms and sounds. For example, on Episode 79 - 808s and Havana Heartbreak, the fellas walk through Camila Cabello’s “Havana” and share how a little drum machine from Japan (the Roland TR-808) came to become such a major part of this song as well as Hip Hop music all over. They also share how the simplistic sounding piano part actually has ties back to all of Cuban music's history. It was an incredible look at how one song can pack such musical historical content and teaches you all about it a fun and entertaining manner. Plus they put together Spotify playlists with all sorts of songs that will help you get into the grove of the tune(s) they talk about in the episodes. If you love music and really getting nerdy about how songs work then this is a must-listen show for you!

And for my final recommendation, I turn to PodcastPD, a great show on the Education Podcast Network that's all about making sure educators take advantage of effective and fun professional development, and using Podcasts for some of that PD. This great podcast is a fortnightly (every two weeks) show that has three excellent hosts, Chris Nesi of House of #EdTech fame, Stacey Lindes who is the founder of the #PodcastPD Twitter chat this show stems from, and AJ Bianco who loves promoting the #CoffeeEDU approach to PD. One of the reasons I LOVE PodcastPD is because I actually know Chris and Stacey in the 3D world and have had the privilege to hang out with them a time or two so whenever I listen I truly feel like I'm there with them. I love the insightful comments these three friends regularly share about different aspects of professional development and all the excellent tips they also pass on. One of my favorite parts of the show is when they share what they are currently listening to and you get a chance to learn about even more excellent podcasts. And if you're anything like Stacey, and me for that matter, your list of podcasts you listen to will just keep ballooning until you don't know how you'll ever catch up. But don't worry about catching up, just give some of their suggestions a try and you'll be amazed at how many great podcasts there really are out there.

I hope you take a chance on these excellent podcasts and have fun listening and learning from them as well. And remember, just because a podcast doesn't seem education on its face value, there's bound to be some learning going on while listening.

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