18 May 2017


I spent a lot of time today driving (roughly 8 hours) from my home in Southern Utah to Salt Lake City in Northern Utah for meetings. The meetings were successful and we had some excellent conversations about how our state should act when it comes to the technical needs and concerns of its schools, medical facilities, and libraries. Being from an education background I assumed I would care mostly about the needs of the schools and somewhat ignore the needs of the other groups, but I was wrong. The more I listened to each short presentation shared the more I realized just how much each of the groups in the meeting were similar and dealing with issues and concerns that matched those of my own schools I work with. And it was there in that room I realized how important it is to actually listen to others fully before making judgments or casting out the falsehoods you may believe.

So, remember, we are more similar than different and we should be willing to give each other a complete chance.

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