23 May 2017

Trusted Time Management Tips for Every Kind of Educator -->

As I was going through my Pocket account, I came across an article that was shared with me over a year ago that I believe still holds some great information for educators, even as we head into Summer Break.  The title of the article was Trusted Time Management Tips for Every Kind of Educator and it had a lot of great ideas for better managing your time for peak effectiveness. One bit especially stood out to me since I still struggle with it in my current position, getting organized.
It’s hard to beat structure when you juggle as much as a teacher does in a day. Trying to focus or find important things in a mountain of mess can be stressful. Organization and order have a calming effect on mind and body. The idea here is to create as little of that as possible. 
There’s plenty that you can’t control as an educator. This, you can control.
This article contains four great areas educators can focus on to better manage their time along with multiple tips within each area. Go ahead and take some time to read through this excellent article by Lee Crocket and see if any of the ideas shared can help you take back some precious time!

(Shared by Lee Crockett (@leecrockett) via @bar_zie)

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