26 March 2013

I'm Sorry

I think two of the most powerful words in the entire English language are "I'm sorry." I'm not a perfect person and nor do I believe one such person exists today but I have learned that when I mess up, when I make a mistake, I need to apologize as quickly as possible.

Recently while planning out some events with my grade level team in our weekly PLC meeting, I was mistaken about the events of a particular presentation happening in our future. I didn't realize my mistake until well past the end of the meeting as I was going back over the calendar. I felt horrible! The first thing I did once I realized I was wrong was send out an email to my grade level colleagues and made sure I apologized for my inaccuracies, as well as my snippy and rude mannerisms during the meeting.

The next day I went to find the colleague I had been particularly snippy with to apologize in person and she was in talking to my other teammates. I was shocked when the first thing out of both of their mouse was, "Thank you for being humble and recognizing that you were wrong. And even more for apologizing for it, that's an important skill many people don't seem to have or want." I was shocked! Here I was coming to apologize and try and make amends and I was being told that I had done the right thing by being willing to apologize so quickly.

I don't hide that I have goals and aspirations to end up in educational leadership, in fact I'll be starting an educational administrative endorsement this fall. I feel that recognizing when you are wrong and being willing to apologize is one of the most valuable skills that anyone in education, especially those educational leadership, should have. It seems that some of the best administrators I have worked with all share that trait and are willing to go out of their way to make their wrongs into rights. I only hope that I will be able to keep up this skill I have when I become an administrator one day.

As I started this post, I don't believe I'm perfect and I don't believe I'm anywhere near being perfect. I mess up on a daily basis but one thing that I feel like I'm good at is recognizing my mess ups and being willing to apologize.

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