05 March 2013

To This Day

I just came across this amazing video on the ever funny site I Waste So Much Time discussing the horrors of school violence and bullying. I don't know how prevalent this video has become on the inter-webs, but I want it to blow up! Please take a few minutes (about 7.5) and then continue reading.

Pretty impressive huh? After watching that video I feel like I want to single-handedly take on bullying in my school. There are so many amazing things said, but I think the most important part is that we can never really understand the power our words have on others. We think the things we say are harmless and no big deal, but we couldn't be more wrong. I'm not sure if I'll show this to my 4th graders, but part of my is thinking they may see it before the year is over. I will definitely share it with my faculty and colleagues.

The author of the poem, Shane Koyczan wrote a post about how you can get involved by using the hashtag #ToThisDay to share ideas about stopping the bullying.

Please help me help Shane and blanket the world over with this amazing message. We may never end bullying, but we can certainly try and maybe even take a few bullies down with us!

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