20 March 2013

Reaching for Success

Image Source: 70Decibels.com

Not too long ago I wrote about my love of podcasts and some of my favorite shows that I listen to. It so happens that the majority these podcasts belong to the 70Decibels Network which has recently been acquired by another favorite podcast network, the 5by5 Network full of awesome shows! I am so happy for the fellas over at 70Decibels and especially for Myke Hurley one of the co-founders and current Executive Producer of the network and all its shows. iMyke, as he is known on the interwebs, has worked hard to create a wide assortment of incredible shows on the network and has done the whole thing in his "spare time" since he has a day job. Hopefully this latest step of being acquired by 5by5 will allow him the opportunity to finally go full time with podcasting so he can continue to create even more great content. Maybe he might even help to create an education-themed podcast for all of us educators. (hint, hint)

Image Source: 5by5.tv
Why would I bring this news up on an education-themed website? Because in order for Myke to achieve his goal of going full-time with podcasting, he must make sacrifices and work hard. He has to continue learning and keep informed of the latest trends in podcasting to be able to continue bringing his listeners high quality shows. Myke is a great example for anyone who has a dream and a goal. As educators we need to have as many different examples of hard working, successful people to share with our students so they can see the benefit of being a continual learner. We can't be the only example for our students of this way of life.

The other reason, and maybe the more important reason I bring up Myke and 70Decibel's story is that I love what he is doing and think all my readers should go ahead and take a listen. I can almost guarantee you will find something you enjoy. I am currently subscribed to and listen to every show on the network, it's all that good! So go ahead and take a few minutes to see if there is anything on the current 70Decibels Network, soon to be 5by5 Network, that makes you want to listen. I bet there's at least one or two shows.

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