22 June 2016

School Family - #100DayProject - Day 083

I love using social media to catch up with friends online and see what's new in the world of EdTech and sometimes I even learn a little while I'm at it. That was the case last night after I returned from another amazing day at LEGOLAND California. I was hanging out on Twitter when I suddenly saw a massive mic drop come from one of my Canadian friends, Dean Shareski. His tweet is below.

Did that just blow your mind? I know it did mine and I was so glad to be pushed to think about it for a while. It forced me to consider my own school where I teach. Does the school leadership help to make its school delightful for all of the students and teachers there? I think I could answer yes to this, although I have a caveat or two.

I think a good building admin helps a school to feel like family if they want the highest level of success amongst teachers and students. Why would I say a family instead of a group of pals? Families are more consistent and hopefully change less frequently than friends. Blood runs deep. Also, I think you make deeper connections to family members than friends, not always, but again, hopefully, you're closer to your family than friends.

When thinking of my own school family, I don't always get along with them 100% but I know that when it matters. they have my back. When I need them for something they are there to assist and help bring the success and learning. But there are definitely times when I think, "I can't stand these people," just like I'm sure they feel about me on more occasions than I'd like to admit. But even with those moments of frustrations, we can still work together to make sure the best learning is in place for our students. Besides, life isn't always about "rainbows and butterflies, it's compromise that moves us along." (Thanks, Maroon 5 for that awesome lyric that I LOVE to use!)

While I'm not always 100% happy at work I know that as long as the positive days outnumber the negative ones I'm doing fine. Besides, who doesn't enjoy a little struggle once in a while to help them push forward and become a better person? I know I don't always enjoy the struggle in the midsts of it but am almost always grateful for the challenge once I've overcome it.

So here's to school leadership teams everywhere helping to make school a more enjoyable place for the teachers and students who call it their home away from home. Just remember, it's okay to have a little struggle and challenge occasionally to show you how amazing that home and family truly are!

And just because I love all you readers, here's that Maroon 5 video for She Will Be Loved that I shared the lyric for above. Enjoy the greatness!

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