25 June 2016

Totally Connected? - #100DayProject - Day 086

While listening to Chris Nesi's great podcast #HouseOfEdTech, Episode #63, Chris talks about the need to be a connected educator. It's a real raw moment and I was glad to have heard it because almost all of what Chris shared is what I've been thinking about lately. I love being a connected educator, but I have to wonder what I'm missing out on when I'm trying to connect online. Is it bad? I don't think so. Is it totally necessary? I don't know. Like Chris, I've been pretty absent from most of the social media world and yet, I don't know if I've been missed. Other than this site and an occasional tweet or Facebook share, I haven't done much and yet, I'm fine.

We are on the cusp of #ISTE2016 and the deluge of social media posts by amazing educators who will be there learning and sharing their learning. Is it wrong for them to share out like crazy? Not at all, as long as they are learning first and sharing second. While at LEGOLAND this week my wife asked if I wanted to take a picture of something and I responded that I wanted to experience it myself first and then determine if I needed to take a picture at all. I didn't take the picture because it wasn't that important after all.

I want to re-evaluate my online presence and decide what needs to be shared and what needs to be kept to myself. That's one of the reasons this is posting so late, barely in time for the "day" to count. I was tired and didn't get it posted last night and then spent the day with family, without worrying about my post. But I want to make sure I do like The Minimalist say, "Love people and Use things because the opposite never works."

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