05 June 2016

Support - #100DayProject - Day 065

I often have people tell me I need to not rely on online relationships so much, that I need "real" friends. They don't seem to understand that my online friends are real friendships, as real or more real than some of my offline friendships. I was able to see that manifested again earlier today (Saturday).
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My Dad has had a number of health concerns as of late, but he's be struggling with what he thought was Appendicitis this last week. He went to his doctor and they ran tests showing his Appendix was "stable chronic" meaning it wasn't great but it shouldn't rupture just yet. Today he was in such pain he went to the Instacare for a check-up and they sent him to the Emergency Room. My Mom was at work so I went in to check on him and ended up staying most of the afternoon while they figured out what was happening with him. It was during this time I was once again reminded of why I connect with people online. I dropped a message in a Voxer group I belong to asking for prayers and positive thoughts and within minutes, I had a friend leave a voice message that was a prayer of comfort for my father and his family. Minutes after requesting help I had an online friend, someone who isn't supposed to be a "real" friend reach out in one of the most personal manners to help me feel comfort.

And yet, my online friends aren't real. I am so blessed to have connected with people from all over the world who I know have my back and love and support me no matter what. And you know what? That love and support goes both ways because I would do almost anything for many of these connections, these people, these friends.

So the next time someone tries to convince you your online friends and digital connections aren't "real" friends, don't listen because we both know better!

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