16 June 2016

Determination - #100DayProject - Day 077

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Today was incredible! Not only was I able to participate in the #PassTheScopeEDU Episode 3 alongside over 30 other amazing teachers and learn about so many excellent tools and ideas, but I also had the chance to learn an impressive lesson from a very small and cute little 1-year-old.

My daughter Vivian is only 14-months (Why do we count months when kids are little? It's not like I go around telling people I'm 402-months old!) but she taught me so much in a couple of different moments today. She's a firecracker and that's one of the things I love most about my youngest child and she knows what she wants, so stay out of her way. She walked (really, she's already walking!) right up to one of the toy cupboards and reached as high as she could until she grabbed a bag of wooden puzzles. While these weren't difficult puzzles, they were above her level of puzzle, and yet she didn't care. She was so determined to complete her puzzles she was going to succeed. So she brought me the puzzles and handed me the bag to open them and there was no way I was going to stop her. She had NO business playing with those puzzles and couldn't even complete her goal and yet, she didn't care, she was determined to play puzzles.

Then, later on, she decided she was going to play outside with her older siblings. Only one problem, they closed the door and didn't wait for her. She wasn't happy, but she did what she could to join them. She tried that door and it wouldn't budge so she went to another door and tried that one. She did this over and over until she ran out of doors and realized she was sunk or was she? She then went back to the door her siblings went out of and then proceeded to pound on the door until they came to see what was happening with her. As then checked on her, she ran out and was free. And just like that, she had succeeded and was happy.

How often are we quick to give up when something doesn't go our way? What happened to us that we lost our desire to keep working until we achieved our goals? I want to get back to that in my life. I want to make some goals and then have the determination of my 1-year-old firecracker of a daughter and get things done, no matter the level of work to do.

Will you join me? Will you decide to take a stand and do what has to get done so you can be more successful and happier?

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