14 July 2016

Always Learning - #100DayProject - Day 105

I was lucky enough to spend some time today with a group of educators learning about using Social Media in the classroom and it was amazing! While many people may use social media in their private lives, it's not always easy to figure out ways to utilize it properly in the professional setting. Working with these teachers today they proved that even if you don't feel confident in a certain area, with a little explanation and practice you can get anything figured out and be ready for business.

I really enjoy teaching professional development classes for teachers because it allows me the chance to brush up on my skills in specific areas and reassess how I am doing things. Whenever I teach this particular class on social media, I am reminded that I need to spend more time with each of my social profiles to make sure they are up-to-date and not too laggy in information.

Not too bad of an idea, keep your own name safe on Twitter.
One thing that hit me this year had to do with Twitter and the fact that I don't use my real name but instead a screen name of @lars3eb. I came across someone (I feel bad I can't remember who now) who is in a similar situation, using a screen name instead of a real name for Twitter, had set up an additional Twitter account that was based on her actual name but just had it to keep her real name safe. I LOVED the idea so much I did the same thing and don't know why I hadn't done it before. I decided to treat this account differently and protect the tweets because I'm not going to use it that way, but instead as just a way to reserve my name in case I decide to use it later.

I also love when I remember I actually have certain social accounts that don't always get the attention they deserve. By taking the time to go into the account and freshening it up, I feel like I was able to do a better job as well as enjoy the different accounts I have created. It doesn't take much time, but if you even set a repeating event in our calendar for once or twice a year to update social networks you could be even faster. I've already set my alarm for the next refresh and no, it won't be a year from now because it will be much sooner.

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