13 July 2016

Drive Time - #100DayProject - Day 104

I love driving. It doesn't usually matter where the destination is, I almost always love driving. The only exception is heavy traffic with small children who can't keep themselves occupied. Other than that, I love driving.
Image Source: Pixabay.com

I was lucky to spend some time driving today as I needed to travel 50+ miles to attend the 2016 Utah Rural Schools Conference (#URSA16). The day was near perfect, excellent drive and wonderful learning took place. I was able to attend some great sessions, present a couple of my own, and connect with amazing educators from across the state of Utah. Then when it was all said and done, I was able to drive the same 50+ miles home and have some nice time to reflect on my day and really think about my learning. Sometimes I wish my regular commute was a little more like the one I had today because it allowed me more time to sort out my thoughts before arriving home so I wasn't as stressed or bothered by my day.

So the next time you decide you dislike your commute, try and use it to your advantage. Replay your day, reflect on the good, bad and ugly, and try to allow yourself the chance to calm down before you greet your home and family so you can be more of the person they love instead of the angry and stressed out educator you sometimes are when you get home.

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