10 July 2016

Music Fun - #100DayProject - Day 101

As many of you already know, I am a lover of almost all forms of music. I played in school bands from 6th grade until college where I even received a partial scholarship for my musical experience and commitment. I finally had to quit organized symphonic band when I entered my Elementary Education coursework. Maybe that was one of the reasons I was so excited to go back and play with the retirement concert for my college band director.
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While perusing Facebook today, one of my friends shared an amazing video where a man by the name of Grant Woolard had arranged (and I say composed even though this person didn't write the music) 57 classical songs by 38 different composers. I absolutely LOVED the video and ended up re-sharing it amongst my friends. I've now gone and watched it on YouTube where at the time of this writing it had 2.7 million views! So take a couple minutes and enjoy a very fun piece of classical music mashed up with other great classical songs. And if you play the piano, even just a little like I do, tell me you don't want to buy the sheet music.

I love sharing music-based items because I feel that music is something that ALL kids need to have in their lives and more than just listening to it. I believe that learning how to play a musical instrument helped me in all aspects of my life and especially in school. While it was difficult at times to finish all my homework and still have time for sports and practicing music, I wouldn't trade my musical experiences for anything! I was able to perform in many locations including Disneyland, Fullerton State Jazz Festival, UNLV, across Utah, and even on the stage of Carnegie Hall. None of which involved my time in rock bands and taking part in our mini-tour across Southern Nevada and Northern Utah. I have been very blessed to enjoy many different experiences through music that without I would be a different person.

Please help encourage your students to get involved with music and learn to play an instrument because you never know, they may just come back and thank you for it one day!

I added the name of the man who composed and arranged this amazing work. His name is Grant Woolard and you should check out his other stuff on YouTube as well.

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