12 July 2016

Password Management - #100DayProject - Day 103

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I love working with teachers to help them learn about how to use technology in their classrooms as well as just finding different ways to use it in their own lives. Today I spent time working with teachers on how to better use social media as a professional educator. We had a smaller group which I really enjoyed because we were able to really get into some different aspects of unseen aspects of social media including defining PLNs and why educators should care about them and the safety needs associated with using social media yourself as well as with your class. A lot of the important stuff that doesn't always get discussed with this topic.

One of the specific topics we discussed was that of password safety and the need to have different passwords for each different site you use or access online. I'm always surprised when I hear about people who are still using the same password across multiple sites. Not only is this incredibly unsafe it's also unnecessary with some modern tools like LastPass and 1Password. Whenever I discuss password safety, I like to show a great summary video on LastPass that Digitwirl created a few years back. Even though the video is almost five years old, I like the way it explains what password managers do and how to use them. 

As we were talking, we were able to discuss the need for better passwords and other ways to manage them that weren't so hi-tech, but I was happy that some of the teachers seemed interested in doing better with their password usage. If you are still using the same password in multiple places online, do yourself a favor and make a switch to keeping yourself safer and find a solution that works for you. 

** Note **
This is not a paid advertisement for LastPass, but I am a very happy customer who enjoys helping others see how password management can keep them safer online. 

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  1. While I understand the need for secure and unique passwords, I also understand teachers frustrations with having to change passwords regularly and all the different requirements (number, capital, etc). I was on a banking website last week trying to create my login. i couldn't find an available username and it gave me only 4 chances before it locked me out for 24 hours! This is all to say that I get the frustration!

    I also try to steer teachers towards apps like LastPass and 1Password. I use 1Password on all my devices including phone and iPad. I create a new entry on one device and it syncs to all the others. Makes life super simple and I feel secure with my passwords!

    Good reminder all around.


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