06 July 2016

Quiet Time - #100DayProject - Day 097

I am the kind of person who loves to sit quietly and think. I usually say "sit and do nothing," but I don't think that's an accurate statement because can you really do nothing? Maybe you can, but I can't because my mind tends to wander anyways so I might as well let it and then it becomes thinking about stuff. So, I am a person who likes to sit and think. Maybe that's one of the reasons why I enjoy driving so much. There is very little to "do" besides drive and think. I realize you can listen to audio entertainment (music, podcasts, audiobooks, etc.) or talk with people, but I often drive places alone and actually enjoy the silence when not enjoying some level of audio entertainment.
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In the last 48 hours, I have spent close to five hours driving in a car by myself and enjoying the silence and time to think. While I did listen to a few podcasts (thanks, Chris Nesi for another excellent episode of the #HouseOfEdTech) and some audiobooks, I actually spent some time in quiet solitude to consider all that I've been blessed to do this year so far and to wonder a bit about where I'm headed in the future. And do you know what? It was an incredibly relaxing time in the car.

While spending some time on Twitter tonight, I came across a tweet that was retweeted by the Best Keynote group that really struck a cord with me. The tweet is below.

How often do we allow ourselves to just sit quietly and reflect and think, especially while waiting for an appointment? I agree with Connor and also enjoy my time while waiting. And yet, sometimes still pull out my pocket computer and mess around. Why do we feel the need to constantly be connected to our phones instead of letting ourselves let go? I don't have an answer and am still working on unplugging more often in the spare moments we have throughout the day.

I hope we can all find ways to unplug and learn to enjoy the quiet in our lives. Because life has so few of those moments left, it'd be a shame to waste them all playing games or messing around on social media all the time. Here's to unplugging a little more and thinking about life.

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