16 May 2016

Formative Assessment Collaboration with @KerryHawk02 - #100DayProject - Day 046

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I have been blessed to connect with some amazing people online and make some true friendships that have helped me grow immensely. One of those people is the amazing Kerry Gallagher who inspires me to be better each time we talk and each time I read her excellent blog, Start with a Question. Which, by the way, if you aren't yet subscribed to, you MUST remedy that situation. I'll wait, go now, get yourself subscribed and then come back.

Okay, you're back! Good, now I can get back to gushing about how fortunate I am to have worked with Kerry for an article she wrote for the National Association of State Boards of Education (NASBE) that was published last week on May 10th. The article titled What Data Can Do: A Teacher’s View of Digital Tools for Formative Assessment is part of The Standard, a journal published by the NASBE three times a year and can be accessed by their web page or as a pdf download here. The article is a great view into how different teachers use formative assessment in their classrooms and I was the lucky duck to be selected to share out some of the things I do in my classroom.

I love that I was the only elementary teacher involved and that I was also the only teacher not in a 1:1 classroom proving you can still do fun and effective Formative Assessment without a lot of tech. I also loved that I use a paper product, Plickers, to more easily gather student data. Plickers are great because all you need is one device to scan the students' paper codes and you can still allow for more enjoyable forms of assessment. While I do use my Plickers, I also use my Promethean AcitvExpression clickers along with other tools. But I love that I was the analog guy because I do love to use paper alongside my digital tools.

Thanks Kerry for allowing me to be a part of an awesome project and to learn from you each day!

Kerry Gallagher is an amazing writer who has had her articles appear in many places including EdSurge, ConnectSafely, Smarter Schools Project, CorwinConnect, and many other places. She was recently listed among the 50 Must Read K-12 IT Blogs by EdTechMagazine in the area of Classroom Leaders and was well deserving. Really, though, if you aren't following her online and reading her words you need to fix that error.

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  1. Thank you for taking up some space on your blog to mention this article and for being so willing to share your classroom practice with state leaders who help determine the direction of education policy. Proud to have you in my PLN!


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