10 May 2016

School Programs - #100DayProject - Day 040

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Do you have your classes present some kind of program during the school year? I am currently in my 8th year of teaching and have been involved in at least one program every year and I really like it!

When I was in 4th-grade we would teach our students to play the Recorder and we would put on a Mother's Day program. It wasn't always pretty at the start, but by the end it usually sounded decent and there were even a couple years where it legitimately sounded good. It took a lot of practice, but the kids eventually got it and most ended up enjoying the instrument as well. While you may not think of the Recorder as an actual instrument I find it to be a great starter instrument for many of the woodwinds that students may be playing in Intermediate and Middle school.

As much as I loved the Recorder concert, I am really looking forward to our 5th-grade program we are doing called Give Me Liberty that deals with American History. I spoke about it on a recent #PassTheScopeEDU event and all the items the students have learned in preparation for the program. While there won't be any musical instruments, there will be singing and many spoken parts. This will be my first time with this program and I look forward seeing it performed in its completeness.

If you have your students do any kind of a performance, let me know because I'd love to know what more of us are doing to help our students practice their performance skills.

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