30 May 2016

Happy Memorial Day! - #100DayProject - Day 060

I just wanted to take a moment and wish you all a Happy Memorial Day with special thanks towards all the military personnel out there. Thanks for your service and sacrifice for doing what needed to be done to keep America and the rest of the world as safe as can be. We have many freedoms here in the United States of America that many could only hope for, so thank you for that hard work and dedication.

I also want to thank all the families out there who have lost a loved one in their service of our country. Thanks for your sacrifice as well. You helped to make sure your loved one had the support they needed to go out and give their life to the cause of liberty and freedom and for that, I thank you as well.

I know I already shared the below YouTube video on Saturday, but I wanted to share it again because I found it to be so powerful and to the point. Thanks to the Champion Forest Baptist Church for putting it together.

God bless the U.S.A. and God bless the Armed Forces who keep us free and safe! Freedom isn't free because it was bought with some of the best blood and sacrifices of the brave men and women willing to give their all for us to stay free!

Thank You, Military Personnel and Families!


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