15 May 2016

School Free Saturday - #100DayProject - Day 044

Zion National Park
I realize I'm late for my daily post today, it is now technically Sunday here in Utah, but I have a really good excuse. You see, I spent today as the most unusual Saturday that I've had in months, I spent it 100% away from school and school related stuff. Yes, you read that right. For the first time in months, I spent a Saturday away from planning, or prepping, or grading, or anything that had to do with school. I didn't even check my school email on my phone. And yet, isn't that the way we are supposed to spend our weekends, away from school? But even still, I don't know many teachers who are able to be 100% school-free on weekends because there seems to be so much to do that we can't seem to get it all done in the five weekdays. But it should be.

A couple my monkeys in a tree!
So what did I do that was so important I stayed away from all things school? I spent time with my family. I ran errands in the morning with my son and then played at the park with the whole family while my son practiced riding a bike without training wheels. And then I spent the evening with my wife celebrating our 11th wedding anniversary! Eleven years spent married to me should count as double on her end because she's so amazing to deal with all my craziness, but I'm so grateful. We spent the evening as "tourists" in Springdale, Utah outside the beautiful Zion National Park. We ate great food and window shopped in some amazing art galleries and just had a blast. Special thanks to my parents for keeping my kids so we could actually eat a meal uninterrupted!

Happy 11-year Anniversary!
Even with all these amazing plans, I shouldn't have to be surprised that I was able to spend a Saturday not involved with school stuff. While I'm not totally prepared for next week, I know I am prepared enough to be effective on Monday and then I can finish planning during my preps and after school. But I will say, I am more prepared for Monday than I have been in months because I actually stepped away from the work and let myself rest. I sharpened the saw and I'm sure that will make me more effective on Monday than I typically come back.

Hopefully, y'all are better than I am and make sure to take weekend breaks from the work so you can recharge and be ready for a new week. If you are one of the few who almost always take the weekends off, please get in touch because I'd love to learn your secret. I know that after loving my Saturday today, I plan to make this more of a regular occurrence next school year! Here's to goals and taking the time to rest.

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