23 May 2016

Last Week - #100DayProject - Day 053

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So what do you do the last week of school? That's a question I'm asking as we start our last three days of school this week. My district ends on Wednesday this year and that means I need to be ready for 3 days. Well, it's really just two and change because two of the days are short days dues to the graduation schedule and needing to be out early enough to compensate for that. So what's the plan? Here's what I've got so far.


Today we have our regularly scheduled PE Specialist in the house so that's a great way to start. We'll follow that up with some State Reports. We'll probably take 30 mins or so to allow the students to finish any final touches on their reports and then we get to start seeing the presentations. I'm so excited for these as my students have been working so hard on them. We'll for sure have an AM Recess break and then come back in and share a few more reports followed by cleaning out our desks. We have to have them empty so we can stack them before lunch because we can't have desk after lunch due to our big activity. All the fifth-grade classes will be showing a different movie and our students get to pick whichever they want to finish out the day. It makes for a fun event that allows the kids to sit back and relax and gives the teachers a couple extra minutes to work on grades. And that concludes Monday!


Tuesday is a short day, as in we're out at 1:15pm which is our normal Friday dismissal time. Normally we go until 3:30pm, but not today due to some of the graduations taking place on Tuesday. So what's on the docket today?  We're gonna have our final class auction so I can get my class money back for next year. I'll bring in all sorts of great things from the Dollar Store as well as my house. But my fav thing this year is I have been saving some books from Scholastic Book Clubs and I'm gonna include them as well. When the auction finishes we're gonna do some more cleaning. Along with some Recess breaks and getting out early, we won't have much more time.


Our last day for the 2015-16 school year is Wednesday and it should be fun! The fifth-grade has a tradition of holding water activities and just being outside, which will totally rock! We will also finish any last minute cleaning and then we're done at noon. What? Yes, you heard me right, we dismiss at noon on the last day and it's pretty cool. Our K-4th-graders all get their next year teacher assignments and that's a wrap. While our 5th-graders won't get their next year teacher assignments it's because they will be leaving out elementary school and heading to an Intermediate School which is 6-7 grades only. It should be a lot of fun for these kids and I'm excited for where they'll end up in their lives. I'll be sad to see some of these kids move on, especially since I've had five of them for two years now. It's both good and hard at the same time.

I do have a little tradition of my own for the last day, though. I don't usually keep a lot of music on my phone because I'm more of a podcast listener, but there is one song that is ALWAYS on my phone and it's because I play it every year as the students leave and for the next 30 minutes or so afterward. What song is it? None other than Alice Cooper's Shools Out for Summer! I've included it here so you all can have a little taste of what I jam out to as my students all leave me for the summer!

So what do you do the last week of school? Do you have any great traditions I can "borrow" for future years? Let me know. And have a great Last Week of School!

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