07 May 2016

Kindness Matters - #100DayProject - Day 037

I've just spent the last 10+ hours delivering flowers for my family's floral business and let me tell you all a little secret, some people are mean. For example, you'd think receiving flowers from a loved one to help you celebrate Mother's Day would be a happy thing, but some people still find ways to be angry for one reason or another.

How does this fit in with education? Have you ever worked your tail off helping a student only to have their parent upset over the smallest of things? Have you ever spent a lot of extra hours on a presentation for your fellow teachers only to have someone gripe that you're asking them to do something new?

Sometimes people suck and we have to find ways to still be professional and courteous even though we'd rather just smack them. Hopefully we can all be a little more patient and understanding so we don't become the thorn in someone's side.

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