03 May 2016

What Happened? - #100DayProject - Day 033

Image Source: Chris Griffith via Flickr.com
What happened here at ETB HQ? I thought I was doing a #100DayProject where I would post at least one new post daily for 100 days. So what happened the last three days? Life happened and I learned that I have to be better prepared in order to fulfill a goal.

I was at #Picademy in Mountain View, California over the weekend for a life changing professional development opportunity and I didn't plan ahead like I thought I had. I had a number of posts in draft form, but just didn't get around to completing them enough to publish. #Picademy was an incredible event and I will definitely be writing more about my experiences very soon, but I don't have them ready yet.

So what's going to happen with my goal of writing daily for 100 days? I have officially FAILED my goal. Or have I? My goal was to write 100 days on this site, but I won't be able to do that by the deadline I had of July 9th. So I guess I better modify my goal and add a couple of additional days to my end date so that I can still have success and achieve my goal. My new last day will be Tuesday, July 12th and I'm okay with that. I will still keep the numbering as it is, so I'll finish on Day 103 instead of Day 100 and I'm okay.

I'm trying to show a Growth Mindset here that I think is helpful on many levels, the least of which is as an example for my students and my children. Calss Dojo, the great company I tried to visit while in San Fransisco on Friday, has put together some very cute videos on the topic of Growth Mindset that I encourage you to go watch and then share with your students. By allowing yourself to learn from mistakes and grow, you are actually doing better than if you just did it perfectly from the get-go. And I truly believe that!

So, here's to messing up, dropping the ball, falling down, and failing because now I have the chance to step back up to the plate, pick myself up of the ground, and try again. Failure is only the end if we let it be, but if we are determined, it can merely be a pitstop to excellence! Upward and onward!

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