29 May 2016

#WalkingToMordor - #100DayProject - Day 059

Image Source: LizPro.com
I am a self-described nerd and proud of it! I love all the nerdy things; comic books (both the actual books and the movies), action figures, science fiction, fantasy, etc. You name it, if it's nerdy, I probably enjoy it on some level. I guess the only thing I don't do in the nerd-sphere is gaming and that's because I can't handle the 3D stuff in games, it makes me feel sick. But almost anything else besides gaming. is a go.

I have been a HUGE fan of The Hobbit and The Lord of The Rings for as long as I can remember. I mean, I read them all for the first time in 5th- or 6th-grade and loved them all! I've seen the movies more times than I can count, and I even own the funky animated versions of the films from way back when. But I recently discovered I may have been out-nerded in regards to Tolkien's classics by a friend who is doing something a little crazy and also incredibly fun. Her name is Lizzy and she's a Stage Manager in New York and she's embarking on something I had never heard of or considered, she's #WalkingToMordor. Yes, you read that right. She found a link to an article on NerdFitness.com called A Hobbit's Guide to Walking and decided it was something she wanted to do. So that's exactly what she's doing, she's #WalkingToMordor, the roughly 3,400 miles to do so!

If you want to read more about what she's doing, check out her site LizPro.com. If this crazy #WalkingToMordor stuff doesn't wig you out too much and you'd like to follow Lizzy on her journey you can do so by following her on Twitter (@LizProBackstage), Facebook (Facebook.com/lizzienationaldays), or Google+ (+LizzieRobinson1225). You may even decide you too want to #WalkToMordor and that's great because we all could use a little extra help in the fitness area, so feel free to do so. If you do, be sure to share out your journey on Social Media using the hashtag #WalkingToMordor so we can all follow along.

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