11 May 2016

Global Connections - #100DayProject - Day 041

Image Source: Pixabay.com
I am incredibly lucky to be able to connect with awesome educators from across the globe who help push my thinking and help me become a better and more successful educator. And while I LOVE face-to-face and analog connections, I am very grateful for the digital tools and Internet that allows me to connect even more wide range. Just today, I responded to a tweet of my friend Craig Kemp, who is currently teaching in Singapore, about the need to connect with another educator, and new friend, David Carruthers who is based in London, Ontario, Canada for a #MysteryGHO.

So, to clear things up, I am in Utah, United States. I responded to a tweet from a friend in Singapore about connecting with a new friend in London, Ontario, Canada. We just connected three countries and two continents in a matter of hours and it was awesome!

What did we do? My 5th-grade students taught a bunch of teachers in Canada how the idea of #MysterySkype, or in our case, #MysteryGHO works and they had a lot of fun doing it! We were able to guess their country, the first time we have done an international #MysteryClassroom call, their providence, and even their city before they guessed our state! My kids did great and they loved the chance to be the shining stars teaching teachers.

If you aren't connected with Craig or David, please connect with them because they are great educators doing amazing things with schools. Also, if you aren't connected with me on Twitter, please find me at @lars3eb and connect and maybe the next time we do a #MysteryClassroom event you'll be on the other end!

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  1. Thank you for your kind words Derek and for assisting my team and me in a bind. It was a pleasure meeting you and your students. I completely agree with all the points you've made about the power of making global connections and maintaining a professional learning network on social media.


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