06 April 2016

Autism Awareness Month - #100DayProject - Day 006

Have you seen the new video Apple, Inc. published on April 2, 2016, titled Dillan's Path? If not, watch it below and be prepared to shed a few tears.

Now that I've brought some tears to your eyes (consider it a test of your tear ducts and that everything is working great!) can you imagine anything more beautiful than a child being given a voice? I don't have a lot of personal experience with autistic children, but I have many friends who are living with this scenario. I know they love their children but I also know that this is a difficult life for them. They aren't able to many things that most of us take for granted. 

Source: Autism Society
I'm not writing this as a way to bash on autism, but to help bring a little more light on the subject. People with autism are just that, people. We need to remember when we see people who are different or act differently that we should take an extra bit of care and love for them. It turns out April is Autism Awareness month and a great time to learn more about living with autism. Take some time to familiarize yourself with ways you can help those around you living with autism as well as ways you can support the Autism Society. Of course, the best way you can support those living with autism is to be a decent human being. Be kind to them and show them the same love and patience you would show others and then maybe a little bit more.

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