22 April 2016

Goodbye Gary - #100DayProject - Day 022

I was shocked my tux still fit. Wait, not every man has his own tuxedo?
Tonight was amazing! I was able to play at Dixie State University with the excellent Symphonic Band and Alumni tonight and loved every minute. We played some great music, but most of all, we played our hearts out because the talented Gary Caldwell is now officially done as director of bands at DSU. I wish you the best Gary and hope you take a little more time to fish and rest with your retirement from teaching. I am still very excited to see you conduct the Southwest Symphony and hope you continue in that role for some time still.

Playing tonight was also bittersweet. I played the massively fun Contrabass Clarinet, and in case you've forgotten, I wrote about the sheer size earlier this week. But playing tonight made me realize just how much I miss performing. Before this week, it had been close to 10 years since I played a symphonic instrument and I really miss that experience. Although buying a Bass or Contrabass Clarinet is out of the question, maybe I need to invest in a B-flat Clarinet to bring back a little bit of the lost love of playing.

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