13 April 2016

Reflection - #100DayProject - Day 013

We recently took our kids to the library to help get through a rainy day and it made me realize I hadn't been to a library other than my school's library for far too long. I used to go to the library a lot more but haven't been in a while. It might be because I have a strange relationship with books in that I like to own them but don't need to own every book I read. I have always wanted to have a really cool personal library with the cool track ladders, but I think I need to first have a separate room.

Image Source: Wikimedia
© Jorge Royan / http://www.royan.com.arCC-BY-SA-3.0

Going back to the library made me think how often do we have great tools at our disposal that we don't take advantage of? How many of us go to conferences or training sessions and learn about free tools that would help us be better educators and yet, as soon as we return home, we return to our same old thing? I know that I am guilty of this and yet, how do we stop the trend? I think the best way is to take time at the conference or training and write down what we want to do when we return to our classroom. Whether we write it with analog or digital tools doesn't really matter so long as we actually write it down to help us remember what we want to do to change.

So is it more a matter of allowing time for reflection after growth so we can remember what we want to do? I don't know for sure, but I do know that taking the time to write during this #100DayProject has been amazing for me because it has helped me get into a routine of writing. Now it seems that I need to take the time to start reflecting on my teaching. So here's to taking the time to write down our thoughts, learning, and goals to become better educators!

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