26 April 2016

Nimble, The 1 Finger Wonder Tool - #100DayProject - Day 026

I have just come across a new product that looks great and may even keep packaging nightmares at a minimum. While floating around Facebook, I found out about Nimble, The 1 Finger Wonder Tool! Wath the video below and tell me this doesn't look like the most amazing product of the week, if not year.

Now that you are totally in love with this product, go to its Kickstarter page and back it. One thing to keep in mind, this is a UK product, so the price of one Nimble being 7 Pounds is actually closer to $10 here in the USA. And if you want more than one, there is an option to buy three Nimbles for about $27, so go crazy.

If you are new to Kickstarter, realize this, these products aren't always available because they need to meet their production goals first and then they only have a certain number of days to make the project work or else it doesn't happen. With that said, it looks like the Nimble will be okay because it's already hit its goal.

How does this apply to schools and education? Do you not get mail at school? Do you not open packages and other products? I think having a Nimble would be great to help me open mail, but also to cut out things in magazines (yes I still have paper magazine subscriptions, leave me alone!) or even cutting out laminated items. I know teachers LOVE laminating items so they'll last better, so why not order a Nimble and see if it doesn't make your life easier with these tasks.

So get out there and help support indy creators by backing and sharing their projects.

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