21 April 2016

#PassTheScopeEDU - #100DayProject - Day 021

I am so excited to take part in a new event calling #PassTheScopeEDU along with some amazing educators today. It will happen on Periscope and use multiple people's accounts to share some awesome educational ideas.

How does a #PassTheScope event work? It starts with one person starting a Periscope live stream where they share out some ideas or an event for a set amount of time. For our #PassTheScopeEDU event today, we're gonna keep each "scope" live stream to about 5 minutes or so. When the first person finishes their "scope" they will tell you who is next and what their Periscope user information is so you can go watch the next part. This continues until the last person finishes and the event ends. We didn't invent the idea of #PassTheScope, but we are very excited to do one today and share out some great educational ideas.

Who is involved today and when are the times? Often a #PassTheScope event happens all at once, back-to-back, but we are going to do it a little different and have people throughout the day so feel free to jump in whenever you have time. The schedule and lineup is below:

12:00pm EST / 9:00am PST:

Toutoule Ntoya
Twitter: @ToutouleNtoya
Periscope: @ToutouleNtoya 

12:30pm EST / 9:30am PST:

Knikole Taylor
Twitter: @Knikole
Periscope: @Knikole

4:10pm EST / 1:10pm PST:

Sarah Thomas
Twitter: @SarahdaTeechur
Periscope: @SarahdaTeechur

7:00pm EST / 4:00pm PST:

Derek Larson ( That's ME! )
Twitter: @lars3eb
Periscope: @lars3eb

7:30pm EST / 4:30pm PST:

Valerie Lewis
Twitter: @iamVLewis
Periscope: @iamVLewis

Come join us for #PassTheScopeEDU and don't forget to follow each of these amazing educators! And if you watch, feel free to give lots of hearts because we love you!

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