03 April 2016

Busy - #100DayProject - Day 003

How do you respond when people ask you about work or even life? If you're anything like me you probably respond with the phrase, "Good, but I'm pretty busy." Why do we do that? Why do we think being "busy" is such a good thing?

The amazing John Spencer (@SpencerIdeas | SpencerIdeas.org) is one of my education heroes because he has a way of saying things so directly and yet, so profoundly that you just have to stop and think. He has recently started making some amazing "Sketchy Videos" that you can find on his YouTube channel that are amazing. They have just the right amount humor mixed with thought-provoking ideas that I keep going back for more. Just today (April 3rd), John released a new video called "Quit Wearing Busy Like A Badge of Honor" that has really shaken me to my core. If you haven't seen it yet, please take two minutes and watch it below.

I am legitimately a busy person, but after watching this powerful video it makes me start to reconsider the things I am doing. Do I really need to be at my school so much or can I rework my schedule to be home more? Do I really need to be so involved in all the different social media groups that I enjoy or can I cut back a little and be more present with those people I am physically around? Do I need to attend so many different conferences or can I get by on attending less but being more diligent to learn at the ones I attend? Do I need to be so busy or am I wearing Busy like a badge of honor? 

Once again, I've been moved and forced to think a little bit more thanks to John Spencer. If you aren't already following him online, please do yourself a favor and remedy that situation. Thanks John for helping me rethink what I decide to do with my time.

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