04 April 2016

#OpeningDay - #100DayProject - Day004

Me sporting my "End-of-Season Pitcher's Beard".

I'm not the biggest sports fan, but I do enjoy both participating and watching sports at times. Yesterday was Opening Day for baseball and my 5th-grade team decided to celebrate by wearing baseball gear and inviting our students to do the same. We did baseball-themed work and really had a great time. We watched some awesome baseball videos on Youtube like Abbot & Costello's classic Who's on First as well as the Jimmy Fallon version he did back in 2012.

Of all the baseball things we did, the part that I enjoyed most was having the Dixie State University Baseball Team come and share some time with us. They visited each of the five 5th-grade classrooms and spent some time reading and sharing experiences of being college athletes. My students really enjoyed it and I liked that they would come in and spend some time with elementary kids.

So what book did we have the baseball team read, Casey at Bat: A Ballad of the Republic Sung in the Year 1888 by Ernest L. Thayer and illustrated by Christopher Bing. Then after the players left we went ahead and watched the Walt Disney animated short from 1946, Casey at the Bat, which my students LOVED and I enjoyed because I was reminded of my own childhood.
We really enjoyed having the DSU Baseball team with us to celebrate #OpeningDay!

I should also share the great website we used for Math today because it was perfect for the baseball theme as well. We used www.math-play.com/baseball-math.html and the students LOVED it! There are a number of possible baseball games you can play, but we focused on the "Simplifying Fractions" one since we are currently working on fractions right now. You should go try the games because they are actually pretty fun.

So even if you don't love something, don't be afraid to do it for the sake of your students. I'm not the biggest baseball fan, but a number of my students are and it was fun to see them really have a blast today.

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