24 April 2016

@Washk12 Turns 100 - #100DayProject - Day 024

Image Source: WCSD Schools
I work in a pretty cool school district with some talented people. One such person is my buddy Cody Plumhof who wears a lot of different hats in the school district, but his official title is Web, Media, & Design Developer. He designed the all the logos for the school district, the website, and a whole lot of other stuff, but my favorite thing he designed is the 100 Year commemorative logo. It's amazing!

Something else that Cody has done, that seems a little strange, especially given his title, he executive produced a documentary about the Washington County School District and its 100-year history. The documentary titled, "On Dreams of Dixie" tells the story of the formation of the school district 100 years ago and tells the story of some of its more famous pupils.

From the official "On Dreams of Dixie" website:
It was 1861 when tattered pioneers began arriving in southern Utah's red, barren desert. Amid sacrifice and loss, many had traveled across wide oceans and unforgiving plains for a place they could call their own. 
Committed to education, school classes were first held in the back of covered wagons and in the areas first church houses. In 1915, the state of Utah issued an order for the area's scattered schools to join together as one and Washington County School District was formed with 1,833 registered students.
Through heartfelt interviews and stories found in the archives of county history, 'On Dreams of Dixie' gives viewers a multi-dimensional experience and character-driven look at what it was like attending school in southern Utah's early settlement communities.

The school district recently uploaded the complete documentary to YouTube, but if you'd like to buy a copy, they are for sale at the Washington County School District offices. Please take a moment and watch the amazing documentary which is narrated by the talented Wilford Brimley, who is also a Utah local.

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