02 April 2016

Family Time - #100DayProject - Day 002

My Dad's Garden

Here I am trying to start a new habit and I'm barely going to make it with my #100DayProject post for Day 2! Why am I so late getting this in? I took time today to just be with my family and not worry about school stuff or really much other stuff at all. I live in a beautiful area and love being outside and today was great. I went with two of my kids, my Dad, and my special needs Aunt to get some garden plants to help my Dad get his garden ready. And the best part of helping him get his garden ready is that we reap a lot of the benefits too because we live directly behind my parents and have access to the garden as well.

We visited our favorite local nursery, Sandia Greenhouse, and were able to get so many great varieties of tomatoes, peppers, squash and even a watermelon. My kids LOVE to eat sweet peppers and tomatoes, so it's nice to know we will be able to access some delicious and healthy treats throughout the spring and summer months.

Closer look at two of the garden beds.

I realize this post hasn't been about education or technology, but that's okay. I figure I'll make sure the posts Monday - Friday are more education and technology related so I don't have too many of you decide to leave, but the weekends may be more personal since I'm more than just an educator. We all need to remember to take some time away from the classroom and be a regular person every so often. That's a piece of advice I need to be sure and take a little more often as well.

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  1. Love the last paragraph...BALANCE!! Also can't wait to hear about the watermelon.


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