15 April 2016

Unfamiliar - #100DayProject - Day 015

Image Source: peasap on Flickr
One of the worst things a father has to deal with is a screaming baby when she should be sleeping. My daughter decided to teach me that very lesson tonight. As I was trying to console her I had a thought. While sometimes kids cry because they are either tired or many other reasons, I think my daughter was crying partially due to the fact we aren't at home tonight. We are staying with my in-laws for the night and my baby girl was in a different location where she isn't as comfortable. And yet, I know she's safe and will be okay, but she doesn't. 

Is this situation any different than when we as educators are asked to do something that we are unfamiliar with and scared to try? I have been asked to do things by my district office that I don't always understand or necessarily want to try, but once I give it a shot it ends up being very different than what I initially thought. And just like that, we end up finding that there is very little to really worry about if we are willing to try it. 

So what happened with my daughter? After a short bout of crying, my sweet girl fell asleep. Will we always end up perfectly content like my daughter? No, but more often than not we will end up okay.

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