26 April 2016

#CSforAll - Computer Science in K-12 Classrooms

I am a huge proponent of teaching kids about computer science and coding even if they don't really have an interest in learning about it. We live in a digital world and the more kids learn about how that digital aspect works the better. Plus, I feel that learning how to program a computer can teach you how to think because you have to be very specific and intentional about how you tell the computer what to do.

Today, Tuesday, April 26, 2016, The Computer Science Education Coalition, and one of its members, Code.org, are releasing an open letter to Congress calling on them to make an investment in K-12 computer science education. This is a big deal because we live in a digital world and we need our students prepared to take us to the next level.

There were a number of incredible statistics to come out of the Press Release, including:
Today, 11% of all job openings and 16% of all new wages in the U.S. are in computing fields. And aside from the jobs, Americans broadly realize that computer science is increasingly foundational to all 21st century careers.
“Ninety percent of parents want their children to have access to computer science education at school, and teachers agree,” the letter states. “Despite this groundswell, three-quarters of U.S. schools do not offer meaningful computer science courses. This bipartisan issue can be addressed without growing the Federal budget.”
I am a teacher who proudly teaches coding to my students every year to help them get familiar with the concepts of computer science and hopefully pique their interest in studying it a little further. I have signed the Change.org petition being sent to Congress and hope you will choose to do as well! Join with America’s leading CEOs, governors and educators as we all come together to make a difference for computer science in the K-12 classroom!

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