11 April 2016

CODEGIRL - #100DayProject - Day 011

I came across an amazing documentary called CODEGIRL back in October 2015 and instantly fell in love! It was showing in its complete form on YouTube for a short amount of time and even though I was frantically finishing my keynote for EdCampUT I was drawn in and couldn't stop watching. Watch the trailer below and you should see what I mean.

Why am I so excited for and writing about CODEGIRL if it's been out since late 2015 and available for purchase or rental on many different platforms like iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, and their own site? I'm excited because it was recently added to Netflix so even if you aren't sure about purchasing or renting it you can watch it there. If you haven't already watched this amazing documentary, then find yourself a comfy couch to sit down, relax, and enjoy the show!

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