17 April 2016

Movement - #100DayProject - Day 017

I am a huge fan of The Minimalists because I have a slight obsession with minimalism and maybe an even slighter desire to join their ranks. The other day they tweeted out a link to an article about the benefits of walking to improve creativity. The article reminds us that many of the great minds of the past were walkers in order to improve their skills and create their masterpieces. And yet, we are now part of a society who has "become increasingly sedentary."

But in recent years, as lives have become increasingly sedentary, the idea has been put to the test. The precise physiology is unknown, but professors and therapists are turning what was once an unquestioned instinct into a certainty: Walking influences our thinking, and somehow improves creativity.

I believe that the above part about our society becoming more and more sedentary is an awful truth that we must all recognize. I know that even though I teach elementary kids, I tend to sit more than I thought I would, especially since I love to watch movies and TV to relax. But I have also noticed something about myself that has me thinking I need to replicate the idea with my students. Whenever I am thinking, talking on the phone (yes, some of us still do use our phones for their original intended use case), or just needing to clear my head, I tend to pace around. At first, I thought I was crazy until a friend of mine, yes you Amy, told me her husband does the same thing. Then I started hearing it from others and suddenly it dawned on me that I wasn't actually crazy, but more normal than I thought.

Even though I don't yet have my students pace around as they are coming up with ideas for their writing, part of me wants to try it while the other part reminds me that idea could be absolute chaos so why not try it, I do try to make sure we stand up throughout the day to stretch out and move our limbs a little so we don't become all stiff and sore. Another way I keep my kids moving is through the use of GoNoodle.com, an excellent website where you watch short videos that get kids moving and grooving to some awesomely crazy creative videos. If you haven't yet tried out GoNoodle please do so because it's so much fun and your students will thank you later!

No matter what you use to get yourself and your students moving, use it so you can get those creative juices going and become a better you!

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